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In Memoriam

We remember with love the Purnell friends, teachers and staff who are no longer with us.


Sadly, we do not know of everyone we’ve lost, so if you have an addition to this page, please send their name and graduating class to

Dorothea Alford '68
Wendy McLean Goodman '68

Susan Lindsay '69
Mary Hannah Von Colin Herold '69
Sheila Reed ‘70,
Leslie (Deeko) Rowell ‘70
Ann Lowery '71

Patricia Nettles '71

Pam Peyton Post '72

Mimi Davis Hing ‘73

Patty King Cantlay ‘73
Kimberly “Timzie” Gaul ‘74

Lily Marjorie Harris ‘74

Coco Bellis Ireland ’75
Cynthia Jones '75

Jane Weiss '75
Dorothy Wick '77
Sarah Ix Stephens '79
Stacy Miller-Israel '79
Heather Dow '80

Shelley Schantz ‘80

Jeanne Burton ‘81
Del Grimball Simmons '81

Caroline Horwood McKay ‘81

Liz Mierke '81
Liz Justice ’82
Michelle Burry '82

Lakshmi Slevin ‘82

Kittie Pierson '82

Jennifer Ware ‘82

Constance Gallagher ‘83

Debbie Madden-Scofield '83

Beth Carmen Hughes ‘84

Anabel Narbona Martin ‘84
Caroline Tauber Valenzuela ‘84

Ann Marie Golden ‘86
Heather Holland ’86 
Missi Maskin ‘87

Hillary Farish Stratton '88

Nora Kaplan Fitzpatrick '88

Melanie Mueller  ‘89

Teresa Mannino-Goldwyn ‘91

Victoria Sponsel ‘91 

Jennifer Cable Baez ‘92

Alison Frank Hillman '93

Caitlin Gilmour ‘93

Kyndi Bertoia ‘98
Corey Reid '00
Jessica Baumons ‘01

Alta Bell ‘02

Amber Taams ‘12

Michelle Mactas ‘14

Bunny Allen, Main staff

Nancy Baker, Board chair
Rita Bruck, Kitchen staff
Helen Buchert, Kitchen staff
Jane Campbell, Keyboarding
Louise Cohen, Drama & English
Grace Courtright, Main staff

Lytt Gould, Founder & Headmaster 1965-1973 

Sis Gould, Founder

Audie Johnson, Musical groups
Hap Johnson, Founder & Business Manager

Jeannie Johnson, Founder
Glenn Lemke, Math & Computers

Bill Moran, Head of School 1979-1999

Judy Moran, Association Head

Earl Oremus, English
Jennifer Pierson, Art

Joan Pierson, Main Receptionist

Samay, Kitchen staff

Sue Sekelsky, Librarian & English, College Counseling
Dorothy Templeton, English, College Counseling
Katie VanderVliet, Art
Kenan Van Vranken, Math

Robert Van Vranken, Business Manager

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