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School Rings

We know that your Purnell School ring (and how it was presented to you by your Big Sister) holds an important place in your hearts.  Sometimes those rings gets lost or stolen and they need replacing.

Here is information you'll need to order a Purnell School ring:


Call Cheryl Wilhelm - 410-265-4200 - ext  104


Cheryl is Purnell's representative at J. Jenkins & Sons Company who make the rings.

They are closed on Fridays.


Purnell Pendants


This Purnell "Griffin" pendant can be ordered through Gretchen Jaeckle '82 through her family store, F. Gerald New.


Store locations are 107 Mount Kemble Ave., Harding Township, just outside of Morristown and 180 Main Street in Chatham, NJ.

The hand-engraved pendant is 1.25 inches across and comes in silver (appx $225) and gold (appx $900).

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