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We welcome donations to the Purnell Alumnae Association!  The funds are used toward expenses in running this volunteer organization.  


Please indicate what you are paying for and your full name a year of graduation with your Visitor's Day payment or other donation - thanks! 



* Via Zelle - Our account is

* Via Venmo - Our account is @purnell-alumnae Note that it is a BUSINESS account. (If you choose this method, note that a fee is subtracted before we receive it.)

* Via Paypal - Our account is @PurnellAlumnae (If you choose this method, note that a fee is subtracted before we receive it.)

* Or send a check made out to Gail Mardfin, 711 West Jasmine Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (who will then deposit it into the Purnell Alumnae Association's Ally bank account). 

TIME & ENERGY:   Please volunteer by sending an email to  

• All classes need an activite class rep to rebuild & spread School Spriit! Hold a class Zoom! Join the Steering Committee.  


• Able to volunteer on June 15, 2024?  Lunch will need setting up and cleaning up.  Some areas need to have someone tending them.  


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Sami, one of UP's happy uniformed learners

The Purnell Alumnae Association, alongside Universal Promise (an education nonprofit founded by Purnell teacher Martha Cummings), is doing for South African children what Purnell did for them: valuing who they are.  How?


We've launched a school uniform drive at Sandisulwazi High School & Addo Primary School so all children, despite their poverty, would receive a required uniform and attend school with pride.


As of March 2024, Purnell friends have outfitted 82 children-in-need, so one thing is clear: Purnell’s legacy lives on. You can have a big impact on a student's life. Watch this wonderfully informative video Martha shared at our recent Visitor's Day.

Join UP today:


Bridget Reilly '91 & Bonner Boynton '91 travelled to South Africa with Martha Cummings (center) and UP in July 2023.



After losing my brother Greg to suicide in 2020, I started THE GREGORY H. MONTGOMERY JR. FOUNDATION to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention programs and mental health education for schools and communities. We recently put funds in Greg’s name at Red Bank Regional High School and Michigan State University. RBRHS has used some of the funds to certify all their coaches in Mental Health First Aid Training to identify children in crisis. MSU used some of the funds to hire two mental health professionals last year that they relied on heavily on how to handle the shooting tragedy in February. If anyone is interested in collaborating by way of donating (it is a non-profit), volunteering, brainstorming, or anything…please reach out

- Margot Montgomery Moran ‘88


Jim Carney was Purnell's Headmaster from 1973 -1979 Jim and Laurie lived in Brook House and had two children, Winston, a girl, and Gardner. Sadly, Gardner died in a kayaking accident in 1995 during his senior year at the University of Colorado-Boulder. 

Gardner was a 1992 graduate of the Fountain Valley School in Colorado, and in 1996, The GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE was founded there by Jim and Laurie, to honor the memory of their son. The website is


The premise of the GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE is that every child has the potential to be a leader and that leadership can and must be taught. One can see the congruency with Purnell’s mission as well.


The vision of the GARDNER CARNEY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE is “A world where PreK through 12 teachers and their administrators intentionally develop the leadership potential in their students - everywhere.” There is an urgent need to prepare young people to become capable citizens and agents of change in the world, and teachers are in the ideal position to prepare students for this work.


In a six-day intensive, professional development workshop that takes place every June (the same time as Purnell's annual Visitor's Day)
K-12 teachers and administrators from across North America and abroad learn how to develop the leadership competencies of their students. They are exposed to the latest research about brain science, social and emotional intelligence, and group dynamics; and they participate in extensive exercises designed to develop their awareness and effective action to develop leadership in their kids. They have national experts as well as two esteemed developmental psychologists and scholars on their staff. 2023 is its 19th year.

The Institute is also in partnership with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. More than 1000 educators in Independent, Charter and some Public Schools across the United States work to inspire the next generation of students to be leaders. Learn more here


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