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In 2022-23, regular monthly Happy Hours were held with thematic topics, and they were a fun trip down Memory Lane. To encourage attendance in 2023-24, the Steering Committee will host just FOUR Happy Hours in 2023-24.  All take place on Sunday evenings.

Click to request Zoom link. Include your full name and class year.

Happy Hours were dreamed up and are brought to you by the Purnell Alumnae Association Steering Committee. Members listed on homepage.


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Daisy Patterson Decker '79


October 15 – "Alumnae & Friends"
8pm East Coast time (5PM Pacific)

Stop in and say hello to “old” faculty and friends! Show your Purnell love!

Planning to attend are Donna Martin, Mary & Peter Pierson, Meryl Brownstein, Wendy Wilderotter, Maria Bowditch, Martha Cummings, Gallia & Bill Vickery – and who knows, maybe more.
Host: Gail Mardfin

January 14 – "Art Share"

7PM Eastern time (4PM Pacific)
Do you make art? Come share with other creative alumnae!

Hosted by Liz Fisher McClean ‘89

February 25 – "2000s Alumnae & Faculty"

8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific)

Say hi to Leslie Patient (fac 1994-2013) and friends!

Hosted by Beth Schoenknecht Crandall '09

April 21 – "Making a Difference"

8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific)
Come tell about the non-profit organization you support!

What a great time to be alive, when Purnellies can virtually connect via Zoom across the years and across the miles! Come for the laughs, to share memories and connect with alumnae around the country - and world. It's casual - just drop in! Former faculty are invited, too.

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 4.50.25 PM.png


A fun time sharing memories of... "Midnight Express"... the luggage hike... "Voulez-vous coucher avect moi"... tapas hopping... pick pockets... host families... the van flipping on ice in Quebec... and international toilets! We talked about drinking (the rules changed over the years) and the overall growth in cultural awareness as a result of this experiential learning, so key to Purnell. Can you believe faculty were leading groups of kids around Europe at the grand old age of 23?! Great to see Jeannie Forster '76, Claire Candler Carruth, Claire Haim Telford, and Daisy Decker all 79ers, Bonner Boynton '91, Alex Lyon (Izzy '93), Myrna Sirleaf '85, Olivia Rogich '21, and former faculty Elena Michelson, Jay & Trina Secor, Mary Pierson, Maria Bowditch, and Gail Mardfin. 


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