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In 2022-23, regular monthly Happy Hours were held with thematic topics, and they were a fun trip down Memory Lane. To encourage attendance in 2023-24, the Steering Committee will host just FOUR Happy Hours in 2023-24.  All take place on Sunday evenings.

Click to request Zoom link. Include your full name and class year.

Happy Hours were dreamed up and are brought to you by the Purnell Alumnae Association Steering Committee. Members listed on homepage.


Help keep this organization in existence. Get involved.


Daisy Patterson Decker '79

February 25, 2024 – "2000s Alumnae & Faculty"

8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific)

Say hi to former faculty Leslie Patient, Donna Andeskie, and Nikki Buccello - and other faculty & friends who were there during "your time."

All are welcome, but especially post-2000 Purnellies.

Hosted by Beth Schoenknecht Crandall '09

April 21, 2024 – "Making a Difference"

8PM Eastern time (5PM Pacific)
Hosted by Ilyana Kadushin '89, founder of the 501(c)3, Stories Love Music
Come tell about the non-profit organization you support!


Looking back...


21 came to the first Happy Hour in 2023-24! 

October 15, 2023"Alumnae & Friends"

16 came to the first Art Share! 
January 14, 2024"Art Share"

7PM Eastern time (4PM Pacific) - Please note earlier start time.
Come share with other visually-creative alumnae!

Do you make art? To sell or just for creativity's sake? Are you an art teacher? Crafter? ALL are welcome - let's share how the art department at Purnell launched us. What have you been making lately? Art Appreciators welcome, too!

Hosted by Liz Fisher McLean ‘89
There was such a good reception, we decided to do another ART SHARE on THURSDAY, APRIL 18 at 7pm Eastern, again hosted by Liz Fisher McLean '89.

What a great time to be alive, when Purnellies can virtually connect via Zoom across the years and across the miles! Come for the laughs, to share memories and connect with alumnae around the country - and world. It's casual - just drop in! Former faculty are invited, too.


So fun to see everyone! Bonner Boynton, Gail Mardfin, Donna Martin, Maria Bowditch, Claire Candler Carruth, Marcy Everett Voelkel, Peter & Mary Pierson, Martha Blair Heymann, BZ Churchman, Liz Fisher McLean, Diana MacLear Renehan, Cindy Padulla-Lacosse, Martha T Cummings, Meryl Brownstein, Daisy Patterson Decker, Ethna Hopper, Bill Vickery, Meg Purnell, Bridget Reilly, Heather Semple.

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