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Truthfulness in All Relations
Consideration of Others
The Use of Common Sense

If your heart resonates with those Three Guidelines, chances are you attended, taught at, or were a part of the wonderful place in the Pottersville valley known as Purnell School, a place of rich traditions and important memories, which existed from 1965 to 2021. A girls' boarding school founded by Lytt and Sis Gould and other educational visionaries in 1963 on a former dairy farm, each year it graduated a group of caring young women who went on to make places for themselves in the world, forever affected by the friends and teachers they had lived with during their formative teenage years. 

       We know that the shuttering of the School was a very sad loss for all, and for those unaware of the steadily diminishing enrollment and financial losses, a surprise. The campus was purchased by Pingry School (sale finalized December 2021), which they use for faculty housing, special programs, and soccer camps, etc. Learn more here

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IF you are on Facebook, there is a page with more than 600 Purnell alum!


CLASS REPS - We have reps for about half of the 54 classes.
Reach out to your class rep!  Don't have one?   BE ONE! 



After two Steering Committee meetings attended by additional alumnae, we embraced the idea of extending Purnell's legacy through Universal Promise, founded by former Purnell faculty member Martha Cummings. We are supporting a UNIFORM DRIVE for students at Sandisulwazi High School and Addo Primary School, two of UP's partner schools in South Africa. Uniforms are necessary and an important source of pride.  

Learn how Purnell has made a difference - and see how two alumnae volunteers got directly involved!

One of the proud and happy learners at Sandisulwazi HS, wearing a proper new uniform funded by a Purnell constituent.

Since the dissolution of Purnell School in 2021, this domain was purchased and website created to provide an online connection point that alumnae could find.  Thanks to Jim Carney for ongoing support of this website.


The Purnell Alumnae Association has since been formed, with three goals:

  1. Initiate ways to keep Purnell people connected, across the graduating years/decades, both virtually and in-person

  2. Plan the annual Purnell Alumnae Visitior's Day 

  3. Extend the Purnell legacy of supporting girls' education 



Daisy Patterson Decker '79
Class Rep Coordinator

Beth Schoenknecht Crandall '09

Bridget Reilly '91 
& Bonner Boynton '91
Universal Promise Liasons

Liz Fisher McLean '89
Marina Bradlee Murdock '79

2024 Alumnae Visitor's Day Chairs

Gail Mardfin, FFac '78-'00
Finances, Website, Database
ANYONE is welcome to come to the Steering Committee meetings - request zoom link here



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

                        - Margaret Mead

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